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Let’s Take Your Business to the Next Level

Peninsula Strategies has provided strategic consulting to dozens of organizations in a range of industries. Our goal is not just to solve your problem, but to take your business to the next level.

To stay agile and make the best strategic decisions, both large and small businesses need to understand the fit between their offerings and their customers. Peninsula Strategies’ rigorous approach to Market Assessment is at the core of every strategy we develop. We understand that your resources, both time and money, are limited, and we ensure that you can measure real results—greater revenue, greater profitability, lower labor intensity—on every project.

You, the client, are kept apprised of our progress at every step. With your involvement and commitment to the project, we are able to implement change quickly and successfully, time after time.

We deliver value in whatever way works best for you. So whether you seek individual coaching, ongoing advisory services for your team, or a more dramatic consulting intervention, we will structure a solution that achieves your goals.


Our Consulting Services

Market Assessment
  • Assess Core Advantages
  • Proprietary Technology
  • Intellectual Capital
  • Established Sales and Support Channels
  • Brand
  • Corporate Culture
  • Available Resources
Strategy Formation

Below are just a few examples of the types of specific strategies and outputs that Peninsula Strategies delivers to clients. Market-driven strategies, built with solid customer research, can be useful throughout the organization, providing an integrated vision that can unite all departments with a consistent picture of the challenges facing them, and get the whole team pulling together in the same direction.


  • Channel Development
  • Lead Generation and Scoring
  • Market Segmentation
  • Inside Sales Program Development


  • Positioning
  • Brand
  • Product Launches & Go-To-Market Strategy

Product Management and Marketing

  • Product Roadmap
  • Beta Plan
  • Bundling and Pricing
  • Marketing Requirements


  • Business Plan
  • New Market Evaluation

Once the strategy is done, we have the team to make it happen. Our designers, writers, project managers and digital marketing specialists can implement your strategy and make sure that you get the maximum return for your investment.

Some examples include the following:

  • Website
  • eBooks & White Papers
  • Content Marketing
  • Campaign Design and Implementation
Retained Advisory

For CEOs and GMs that want a personal advisor who is always available to brainstorm or be a sounding board on issues of market opportunity, strategy or customer acquisition, a retained advisory relationship can be the perfect solution.

Many smaller tech organizations don’t need a full-time senior marketer, while larger divisions of even the most established corporations may not be getting the access they need to the corporate marketing and business development functions.  Often marketing headcount is the first thing removed and last thing allocated—even though access to an experienced advisor can make all the difference in winning the business you need to hit your revenue goals.

Retained clients have access to Robbie Kellman Baxter anytime during normal business hours.  Usually she responds within 90 minutes to requests ranging from a review of a key document to an in-depth discussion regarding a change in positioning, or a potential new hire.  If your team is short on strategic marketing expertise, and exploring some major strategic changes, having Robbie on retainer will help you protect your investment.