“The Membership Economy is the New Currency for Business” in Small Business Trends
Robbie’s book The Membership Economy (McGraw-Hill 2015) gets a great review from Small Business Trends, an award-winning online publication for small business owners, entrepreneurs and the people who interact with them.

“12 Business Books I Can’t Wait to Read This Year” in Bplans
Robbie’s book The Membership Economy (McGraw-Hill 2015) is selected by Bplans as one of the top 12 books to read in 2015

“The Real Cost of Freemium”
A PODCAST featuring Peninsula Strategies’ Robbie Kellman Baxter being interviewed by Linda Popky about the risks and opportunities of this popular marketing tactic.

“Pulling in the Same Direction: How to Get Marketing and Sales on the Same Page” in Business Management Daily
Robbie is quoted on the value of building relationships between Sales and Marketing

“Are Business Plans Appropriate for All Consultants?” on Forums for Society of Human Resource Professionals
What kind of strategic planning is necessary for HR professionals who want to build a consulting practice? Robbie weighs in on the need for strong marketing, even for the smallest businesses

“Yahoo Crawls Out on Social Web” in TechNewsWorld and MacNewsWorld
In this article on Yahoo’s new Y!OS Platform, part of Yahoo!’s broader Open Strategy, Robbie comments on what she sees as a positive step in Yahoo!’s ongoing efforts.

“R U Ready? Social Media in the Workplace” in Accent Tech Careers
This article targets managers who don’t understand the implications of widespread social networks on their companies and employees–Robbie points out some ways to turn this perceived risk into an opportunity.

“Gander Mountain Opens MegaStore” in PalmBeachPost.com
As a result of the research Peninsula Strategies did for the Bicycle Product Suppliers Association, Robbie is asked to comment on marketing sporting goods to wealthy neophytes.

“Can’t We All Just Get Along? 10 Ways to Get Marketing and Sales on the Same Page” in FuelNetNews
Some helpful tips on building strong communication between Sales and Marketing functions–something that seems to be a challenge in so many organizations.

“Study: Suppliers Need to Narrow Options” in Bicycle Retailer and Industry News
An early review of a study by Peninsula Strategies and Professor Nicole DeHoratius at Business Schools of both Portland University and University of Chicago. The study was commissioned by the Bicycle Product Suppliers Association, the industry group for manufacturers of performance bicycles and components.

“Market Analysis Made Easy” in MasterCard’s Business Essentials Library
MasterCard has a “Business Essentials Library” that help entrepreneurs grow their ventures. They talked to Robbie about how to claim a market segment and then how to measure their effectiveness in growing their position.

“Email in Haste, Panic at Leisure” in the New York Times
This article is a reminder for us all to be careful about firing off business emails in the anger of the moment. Robbie weighs on on difficulties of fixing the mess after you hit “send” too fast.

“Google Searches for Social Returns” in Sustainable Industries
An article exploring the risks in Google’s strategy with its charitable subsidiary, Google.org.

“Spritz & Sniff” in the Dallas Morning News
Robbie points out the value of brand extensions in this lighthearted article about business strategies utilized by manufacturers of deodorant sprays targeting teenage boys.

“Evaluating Opportunities in Multi-Level Marketing” in Startup Nation
Most of us have been invited to participate in multi-level marketing opportunities–in this article, Robbie is asked about the risks and possibilities of this type of entrepreneurial opportunity.

“6 Ways to Turn Customers Into Partners” in Microsoft’s Small Business Center
Drawing across multiple marketing disciplines to leverage customers as a source of awareness, leads and general business credibility.

“Big Brands Tap Into Private Online Communities” in eCommerce Times
What do online communities mean for major consumer brands, and how if at all should these traditional companies leverage their goodwill via social networks?

“Crocs Finding Foothold” in Tampa Bay Tribune
Robbie offers insights on what Crocs should do to leverage the “Crocs craze”. This article discusses how Crocs became such a runaway success and the implications for product extensions and the long term health of the company.

“Can the Flow of Knowledge Be Captured in a Business-Process Rubric?” in Knowledge @ WP Carey
An analysis of knowledge management systems with Robbie making some practical observations on best practices for collaboration within large companies.

“How to Conduct a Market Analysis” in LowesForPros.com
Robbie offers advice to small business owners, and landscapers in particular, on taking a more strategic approach to building their businesses.