Below is a partial list of appearances of Peninsula Strategies being quoted in the media and articles written by Robbie Kellman Baxter. The firm has been mentioned in publications ranging from The Harvard Business Review to The New York Times to TechNewsWorld, and Robbie’s articles have been published in the general media, including American Venture, Marketing Profs,and Rainmaker. Some have been developed for use by a specific client, and we thank our clients for letting us reprint them here for a general audience.

Peter Drucker and the Death of the Newspaper
What one of our greatest business thinkers might have said about the current challenges with today’s newspaper industry

Tips for CMOs: Five Ways to Keep Your Team off the Chopping Block
When times are tough and heads are on the chopping block or deadwood is being removed, marketing is among first (after HR) to be decapitated, axed, or trimmed. Why is that?

Converting Client Conflict to Opportunity
Tips for professional services providers on strengthening client relationships.

Now What–Marketing in a Down Economy
Marketers can’t simply put everything on hold and wait til the economy strengthens–can they? Here are some tips for companies who want to take advantage of the current environment of fear to get ahead of the competition

Should I Stay or Should I Go…Independent?
Things to consider before starting an independent consulting practice

Five Rules for Better Marketing Partnerships
Tips for forging relationships that leverage other peoples’ resources while building your company’s pipeline

Investing in Yourself
Too many people work til they burn out, never taking the time to build relationships with advisors and colleagues, to develop new skills or just to recharge. This article explores why it’s so important, especially in tough economic times, to plan for the future and invest in yourself.

How to Think Like a Strategy Consultant–a Primer for General Managers
Help getting out of the weeds of daily management, and getting a broader perspective about your business–how to be your own advisor.

A Dissenting Point of View
Is leadership really so important?

Seven Ways to Build Customer-Centric Companies
Moving from a company built on functional strengths to a business that really wows your customers

The Only Rule You Need To Build Strong, Lasting Client Relationships
Must-read for anyone who wonders why it’s so hard to get on the same page as the people who buy the products and services

Winning in the Due Diligence Process
Practical tips for start-ups looking for funding–what the VCs want to see and how to make sure they see it.