Business Strategy, Channel Strategy, Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition, Market Research and Assessment, Marketing Strategy, Subscription Model and Membership
  • Robbie is truly a person who can see the forest and not just the trees, and, more importantly, can convey her vision to large groups of people with disparate priorities and interests and help them reach agreement on next steps. I always welcome the opportunity to work with her again.

    Sanjay Sarathy - Senior Director (now CMO, Sumo Logic)
    Sanjay Sarathy - Senior Director (now CMO, Sumo Logic) Sun Microsystems
Sun worked with Peninsula Strategies on several projects designed to strengthen Sun’s position in key market segments. Through Sun’s disciplined implementation of marketing processes and metrics, the company was able to determine which programs were making a difference and which were not, saving the company money while maximizing impact in the market.

Hardware, Software and Services Producer



  • Business Strategy
  • Lead Generation & Customer Acquisition
  • Market Research and Assessment
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Channel Strategy
  • Subscription Model and Membership

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