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  • We used Peninsula Strategies to help us define our guiding principles and strategic plan. Robbie raised us above the details, and helped us identify the best options to achieve our ambitious goals. She took the time to listen to each of the partners, and then took our team through a process toward melding our many ideas into a solid, actionable plan. Robbie is a tremendous strategic thinker, and really helped us focus on some key decisions that will be instrumental in taking our business to the next level. Her insights are worth every penny.

    Heather Corcoran - Partner
    Heather Corcoran - Partner Next Step Partners

Next Step Partners, a leading professional services and leadership coaching firm came to Peninsula Strategies looking to take their successful practice to the next level.  Through offsites, market research and careful evaluation of the goals and past results of the partnership, we developed a strategy to get them where they wanted to go.

Professional Services and Leadership Coaching



  • Business Strategy
  • Market Research and Assessment
  • Business Model

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