Business Model, Go-to-Market Strategy, SaaS, Subscription Model and Membership
  • Robbie has been tremendously valuable as we relaunch our 20 year old public company with a new business model. She has a unique ability to corral lots of competing ideas and objectives, put structure around them and guide the team to focus on getting the results we really need. Her strategic discipline and emphasis on results has helped us make the big media splash we wanted, while also ensuring that we simultaneously put in place a marketing pipeline that will help generate revenue for the long term. I am thankful to have her as an advisor.

    Richand Lang - CEO
    Richand Lang - CEO Democrasoft

Democrasoft worked with Peninsula Strategies to plan their launch and position their company for immediate growth and buzz.

Software-as-a-Service for Collaboration



  • Business Model
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • SaaS
  • Subscription Model & Membership

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