Professional services

While most Peninsula Strategies clients are large organizations doing transformation work, or fast-growing private companies, we still like to help solopreneurs when we can. If you are running a small professional services business and want to grow your revenue and profitability while reducing your labor intensity, Peninsula Strategies can help.  We excel in helping people leverage their advanced degrees and specialized expertise.

Many of our clients have advanced degrees, such as MBAs, JDs or Ph.Ds, and deep functional expertise, and are trying to determine the best ways to convert their experience into value for clients.

We have a range of programs designed to help you avoid the bumps in the road as you consider growth strategies for your professional firm, extending the lessons Robbie teaches in her LinkedIn learning courses for consultants.


    $5000 6 MONTHS
    You have unlimited access to Robbie for 6 months. At the beginning, we will review your situation and goals—but from there, we will be open to discussing anything.  She will be available to review proposals, role play sticky situations, and help you strategize about marketing activities that will connect you with your target buyers.  It is up to you how much you wish to do in the program—she will be available for discussions, document review and email exchanges as frequently as you like. Email to request more information.
    Perfect for people who have so many ideas and opportunities that they want to work with someone who will pro-actively help them prioritize and stay focused on their key objectives.  It is very focused and ensures that you hit the objectives you and Robbie set together. Email to request more information.
    Ideal for people who want to turbocharge  their practice—usually people who have already reached a point of distinction in a career closely related to the consulting practice, or already have a successful consulting practice that they wish to take the next level. Email to request more information.

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