The Reasons Clients Hire Us

We focus on results in everything we do. Before we ever even take on a project, we work with our clients to reach agreement on project objectives, metrics and on what value we can create for the company. We want to be sure that the work we do gets our client to the next level. Many consultants focus on solving a problem. We focus on improving the client’s condition—in measurable ways.

When the client is a Potential Investor

  • Evaluating a business plan and provide an objective third party review
  • Conducting thorough due diligence of existing and planned operations of potential investment

When the client is the Board

  • Providing disciplined marketing
  • Assessing the organization’s strategy
  • Advising the CEO on strategy

When the client is a CEO/GM

  • Building the business case for a new enterprise or market
  • Assessing short-term revenue opportunities and quick wins
  • Filling the gap when there’s no VP Marketing

When the client is the VP Marketing

  • Introducing a new product
  • Determining product pricing and bundling strategy
  • Developing branding and positioning

When the client is a newly hired executive

  • Conducting a situation analysis and making recommendations on critical issues
  • Evaluating organizational structure and roles
  • Executing high-priority tasks

When the client is a divisional business owner

  • Developing new products , channels, and partners
  • Building financial models and scenarios to help drive strategic planning
  • Identifying potential operational efficiencies
  • Preparing company for acquisition

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