Banner Peak Group
  • Robbie's counsel has been instrumental to the continued success of my business. While my practice was in its infancy, Robbie coached me on both laying a strategic foundation and establishing sound nuts & bolts business mechanisms. Now, several years later, my practice is thriving, and I continue to seek Robbie's perspectives on how to grow while staying true to my professional and personal core. Robbie is insightful, honest, practical and generous in sharing her considerable arsenal of best practices. I recommend her without reservation.

    Trey Pruitt
    Trey Pruitt Banner Peak Group
Bicycle Product Suppliers Assocation
  • Robbie and her colleagues did a great job in conducting a thorough assessment of the performance bicycle business and offering specific tactics to grow the industry. They were able to balance their objectiveness as outsiders with an in-depth understanding of how our business works. Everyone that I spoke to who attended the presentation of their findings said the study is direct, accurate, clear and appropriate. I continue to be impressed by their passion, hard work and commitment to excellence, and hope to have an opportunity to work with them again.

    Bob Margevicius - EVP
    Bob Margevicius - EVP Specialized Bicycle Components
Bling Nation
  • Robbie has served as a key advisor on our team since the early days of our company. She helped us to strengthen our business model as we prepared to raise our first outside round of financing. With Peninsula Strategies, I felt we got many times the value of what we paid.

    Wenceslao Casares - Co-CEO (now CEO, Lemon Wallet)
    Wenceslao Casares - Co-CEO (now CEO, Lemon Wallet) Bling Nation
Cedar Associates LLC
  • Our investment with Robbie has paid for itself many times over. The year we worked with Peninsula Strategies was our firm's most successful year to date, and has clearly set the stage for future success. We definitely attribute the successes to changes she recommended. She listened carefully to our unique situation and objectives, and then framed the issues in a way that clarified our options moving forward, and helped us to prioritize our actions.  She easily translated high-level strategy into pragmatic solutions that could be implemented.  For example, she recommended an approach to writing contracts that increased our acceptance rate, revenue, and profitability. Robbie was a pleasure to work with, flexibly worked without our constraints, demonstrated high integrity, and was well-organized and effective in her presentations.

    John Hornberger, CEO
    John Hornberger, CEO Cedar Associates
  • I started working with Robbie when I was struggling to find the right focus and future direction for my consulting business. Robbie helped me quickly drill down to the root of issues I was facing, providing clarity and objective, actionable advice. Robbie was highly accessible, generous with her time and a pleasure to work with.

    Joey Sargent
    Joey Sargent Claravon
  • Robbie and Peninsula Strategies were retained to assist with product and marketing strategies related to a business breaking into an established, but evolving, market. Her work was exceedingly valuable and her keen insights are already being integrated into company's strategy. Her style was that of a trusted partner and she gained the respect and admiration of the team throughout the engagement. I would happily recommend Robbie to other firms looking for actionable product and market insights to drive growth.

    Dwayne Spradlin, Board Member
    Dwayne Spradlin, Board Member Cortera
  • Robbie is fast, very smart, and isn't afraid to tell you when you’re off the mark. Peninsula Strategies is a terrific resource when you need a combination of strategic thinking and confident execution. Their expertise with SaaS and other subscription-based business models is incredibly valuable and let them get up to speed quickly and begin adding value right away.

    Jim Howard - CEO
    Jim Howard - CEO CrownPeak, Inc
  • Robbie has been tremendously valuable as we relaunch our 20 year old public company with a new business model. She has a unique ability to corral lots of competing ideas and objectives, put structure around them and guide the team to focus on getting the results we really need. Her strategic discipline and emphasis on results has helped us make the big media splash we wanted, while also ensuring that we simultaneously put in place a marketing pipeline that will help generate revenue for the long term. I am thankful to have her as an advisor.

    Richand Lang - CEO
    Richand Lang - CEO Democrasoft
  • We engaged Peninsula Strategies to conduct market validation when we were launched Egnyte. Robbie created and managed the customer validation process and helped define the positioning for Egnyte's launch. Robbie brings a range of marketing skills from big and small companies alike which we found invaluable at a startup.

    Rajesh Ram - Vice President, Product Management
    Rajesh Ram - Vice President, Product Management Egnyte
Finch, Montgomery, Wright LLP
  • Robbie is invaluable as a counselor and coach. She has helped me to understand both how to make my law practice run better from a process perspective and how to make myself happier in that practice from a substance perspective. We worked together for 4 years--in that time my business grew more than 30% and I was able to restructure my workflow and hire help so that I didn't have to increase my hours at work to accomplish that growth. Even better, she helped me target my marketing more effectively and identify the real goals of my practice, both personally and professionally.

    Liza Hanks
    Liza Hanks Finch, Montgomery, Wright LLP
Intrepid Learning Solutions
  • Robbie has been invaluable in our efforts to hone and target our marketing message as we expand from our core strength in learning services to include technology solutions. Robbie asks the questions we haven’t always considered, and helps us get to the core message and value proposition quickly and elegantly. I consider her an indispensable adviser who is hugely valuable to our marketing efforts.

    Sam Herring - CEO
    Sam Herring - CEO Intrepid Learning Solutions
Kurt Salmon & Associates
  • We brought Robbie in to lead the online portion of an overall strategy for a large multi-channel retailer. We got more than we expected with Robbie, and we made better decisions with Robbie in the room. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to jump start a stagnating business. Her clear thinking and passion for building businesses make her a real asset to any leadership team.

    Peter Hsia - Partner
    Peter Hsia - Partner Kurt Salmon & Associates
LCP Brand Consulting
  • Robbie's counsel has been instrumental to the continued success of my business. While my practice was in its infancy, Robbie coached me on both laying a strategic foundation and establishing sound nuts & bolts business mechanisms. Now, several years later, my practice is thriving, and I continue to seek Robbie's perspectives on how to grow while staying true to my professional and personal core. Robbie is insightful, honest, practical and generous in sharing her considerable arsenal of best practices. I recommend her without reservation.

    Lindsay Pederson
    Lindsay Pederson
Menlo Park City School District
  • As the superintendent and the CEO of Menlo Park City School District, I brought in Peninsula Strategies to guide our board of directors in developing core values for our district. Robbie showed a real commitment to doing the best for our district, and was incredibly responsive to our needs. Her ability to bring together so many disparate groups, and build buy-in is truly impressive. I have worked with many consultants in public and private markets, and Robbie is extraordinarily talented—her intellect, diplomacy and ability to think both strategically and tactically gave us what we needed to help our highly dynamic organization define what makes us unique, which will set the tone and strategic planning for the next decade. I highly recommend Robbie for helping your company focus on what's important.

    Dr. Maurice Ghysels - Superintendent
    Dr. Maurice Ghysels - Superintendent Menlo Park City School District
Merrill Corporation
  • Thank you for all your good work and the speed with which you got it done. We were very happy with the research and analysis and plan to use it heavily in our strategic planning work.

    Roy Gross - President, Marketing and Communications Solutions
    Roy Gross - President, Marketing and Communications Solutions Merrill Corporation


  • Robbie is a speaker that captivates her audience and delivers an amazing amount of provocative material in dynamic and punchy presentations. She has been a speaker at three Financial Executive Int'l events that I have programmed. She has spoken on consulting, networking and branding. A favorite with our members, she packs the house! Her popularity results from her insightful and practical material combined with actionable recommendations and an easy and professional performance presence.

    John F. (Jack) Longinotti
    John F. (Jack) Longinotti MINDREMO HG LLC
  • I initially brought Robbie in for a 6 week project relating to new customer acquisition, and asked her to continue on, for what ended up being close to 2 years. Robbie impressed me with her ability to plow through large amounts of work quickly, thoughtfully and with integrity. Robbie is generally optimistic, candid and diplomatic, qualities that proved useful here as she established new partnerships for Netflix.

    Jessie Teitz Becker - CMO, Optimizely
    Jessie Teitz Becker - CMO, Optimizely Netflix
  • Peninsula Strategies’ thought leadership in subscription and membership-based business models really helped us plan for the future of our mobile application. Robbie is more than just a great idea person; she rolled up her sleeves and applied her expertise on subscription models to our specific business case and provided tremendous value.

    Alex Kroogman - CEO
    Alex Kroogman - CEO NewspaperDirect
Next Step Partners
  • We used Peninsula Strategies to help us define our guiding principles and strategic plan. Robbie raised us above the details, and helped us identify the best options to achieve our ambitious goals. She took the time to listen to each of the partners, and then took our team through a process toward melding our many ideas into a solid, actionable plan. Robbie is a tremendous strategic thinker, and really helped us focus on some key decisions that will be instrumental in taking our business to the next level. Her insights are worth every penny.

    Heather Corcoran - Partner
    Heather Corcoran - Partner Next Step Partners
  • Robbie's analysis of our business and customer base was crisp and incisive. She brought together a wide variety of data we'd collected and was able to provide a unique, powerful perspective on important segments we've overlooked. This analysis and her recommendations on how to capitalize on specific strengths in our market have helped us map out a winning strategy for deeper product penetration and higher customer satisfaction.

    Trish McGonigle - Senior Director
    Trish McGonigle - Senior Director Oracle
  • Robbie is one of the best marketing strategists I've ever worked with.

    Tanya Roberts - VP, Corporate Marketing,
    Tanya Roberts - VP, Corporate Marketing, PayCycle, acquired by Intuit
  • Working with Robbie is like having your own personal strategic guru by your side. She delivers the convergence of superior analytical thinking with market understanding in such an keen and insightful way, you leave each meeting with energy and enthusiasm for what needs to happen next.

    Amy Love - Former Global Vice President, PicScout, a Getty Images Company
    Amy Love - Former Global Vice President, PicScout, a Getty Images Company PicScout
Plus 3 Network
  • Peninsula Strategies was instrumental in developing Plus 3 Network marketing and communications platforms. Robbie corralled our long-range vision and brought creative objectivity to the process. We would not have come so far so fast without Peninsula Strategies on our team.

    Rick Sutton & Joe Fabris - Co-Founders
    Rick Sutton & Joe Fabris - Co-Founders Plus 3 Network
  • Robbie is an unusually clear and insightful thinker. Perhaps even more rare is her ability to communicate in such a way as to immediately spark the “aha moment.” I have enjoyed many “aha moments” in my work with Robbie. She’s a delight to work with – an amazing asset to any organization I can think of.

    Camille Landau - CEO
    Camille Landau - CEO ReferQuest
Rimon Law
  • I went to Robbie knowing that I wanted to start my own business and legal consultancy, but not knowing how to start or how to position it in the marketplace.  Even though I had a business background, starting your own shop is a different type of venture.  You are selling yourself, and sometimes that is the most difficult to do.  Robbie did an outstanding job of helping me think through my marketing, networking, and business development activities.  Robbie provided excellent ideas that I could implement.  She was generous with her time and was a pleasure to work with.  If you want to launch a consulting or service business, talk to Robbie.

    Doug Y Park
    Doug Y Park Rimon Law
  • Robbie’s analysis and insights will directly impact our ability to win in a highly competitive marketplace.

    Bryan Rodrigues - Director, Brand Management (now VP Marketng, Livescribe, Inc.)
    Bryan Rodrigues - Director, Brand Management (now VP Marketng, Livescribe, Inc.) Riverdeep
Speck Design
  • When Robbie joined our team she was tasked with the impossible: structuring and invigorating a fledgling marketing division, advising the CEO on marketing and corporate strategy and then selling it to the board, and personally executing on each of the core tactical initiatives identified in her marketing plan. In only three months, Robbie not only delivered flawlessly on each dimension, but did so with a streamlined calm that inspired all those that worked with her. Robbie’s influence on Speck Design is invaluable, and we feel very lucky to have found her.

    Elisa Jagerson - CEO
    Elisa Jagerson - CEO Speck Design
  • Our industry association retained Peninsula Strategies to identify growth opportunities in the performance bicycle industry, and boy did they deliver. Their lively and engaging talk was the main attraction of our annual industry conference, drawing over 130 senior executives. The insights raised in their report have helped us to rethink how we do business. On behalf of the BPSA, I am grateful for their thorough and comprehensive research, relevant presentation, and the valuable discussions they inspired. All of this was accomplished despite a short timeline, a large group of opinionated stakeholders and changing objectives. Robbie & Nicole are a pleasure to work with.

    John Nedeau - VP, Sales
    John Nedeau - VP, Sales SRAM
Stage 4 Solutions
  • I asked Robbie to work with me on a project at Yahoo! for two reasons--the project was consumer-oriented and it was a strategic assignment. Robbie is extremely strategic and quick to see possibilities where others don't. She's also easy to work with--open, friendly and very smart. She was an excellent advisor and sounding board for me and for the client team.

    Niti Agrawal - Principal
    Niti Agrawal - Principal Stage 4 Solutions
Stanford Graduate School of Business
  • Thanks again for putting together such a wonderful program yesterday. I spoke to so many alums who thought it was a knockout panel, and I quite agree. We are lucky to have you!

    Raphe Beck - Director of Alumni Relations
    Raphe Beck - Director of Alumni Relations Stanford Graduate School of Business
Sun Microsystems
  • Robbie is truly a person who can see the forest and not just the trees, and, more importantly, can convey her vision to large groups of people with disparate priorities and interests and help them reach agreement on next steps. I always welcome the opportunity to work with her again.

    Sanjay Sarathy - Senior Director (now CMO, Sumo Logic)
    Sanjay Sarathy - Senior Director (now CMO, Sumo Logic) Sun Microsystems
Survey Monkey
  • Robbie partnered with our marketing team to evaluate product pricing and packaging strategies.  She was thoughtful, thorough and fast in her research and recommendations and she provided really valuable perspective and input into critical marketing decisions for us.

    Tim Maly –SVP Business Operations and Finance
    Tim Maly –SVP Business Operations and Finance SurveyMonkey
Yahoo! Mail
  • Certainly, Peninsula Strategies knows the Web 2.0 space very well. Perhaps more importantly, they know how to quickly identify the key issues and opportunities, get the right information and synthesize it into a compelling case. And they are fun to work with.

    John Kremer - VP, Business Ops, Adobe
    John Kremer - VP, Business Ops, Adobe Yahoo! Mail
  • Robbie hit the ground running and began delivering real value almost immediately. She accomplished more in a few hours than most people accomplish in a week.

    Amy Millard - VP, Marketing, MarketTools, Inc.

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